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Uniform/PE Kit

School uniform, PE clothing and equipment


Kingsland CE Primary School has a uniform, which we encourage all our children to wear.  We believe a uniform looks smart, is appropriate for school activities, gives children a sense of belonging and avoids discrimination on the grounds of appearance.


Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child’s name.




Grey trousers or shorts

Red polo shirt, preferably with a school badge available from Club Sports, Leominster

Red sweatshirt with a school badge available from Club Sports, Leominster

Grey or black socks

Black shoes (not trainers)

Summer term

        Black, brown or blue sandals




Grey skirt, pinafore or trousers

Red polo shirt, preferably with a school badge available from Club Sports, Leominster

Red sweatshirt with a school badge available from Club Sports, Leominster

Grey, black or white socks/ Grey or black tights

Black shoes  (not trainers)

Summer term

Red and white checked dress with collar

Red sweatshirt (as above) or plain red cardigan

Red, white, brown or black sandals


Reversible jackets with a school badge are also available from Club Sport, Leominster for outdoor wear.




It is important that school shoes are safe for children and do not inhibit them when they play.  They should therefore be flat or very low heeled with lace-up, ‘velcro’ or buckle fastenings.


Does your child wear glasses?


If so, please tell your child’s class teacher when they should be worn and send them in a case clearly marked with your child’s name.


Uniform current costs


  Sweatshirts:        £10.00

  Polo shirts:           £8.50

  Reversible coat   £16.00

  Cardigan             £14.00

  PE Hoodie           £12.50

  Games T shirt       £4.00

  Games shorts:       £6.00


PE and Games Clothing


In the interests of safety, hygiene and team spirit, we ask for your co-operation in providing the following appropriate clothes for PE and Games.



Changes to PE Uniform for upcoming school year 2016-17. Please review the below pdf document.

Key Stage 2 pupils may be recommended to wear football boots and shin pads for some sessions.  You will be advised of these in advance.  Some shin pads are available in school for hockey and football lessons.


For swimming sessions, pupils will require trunks or a swimsuit. A swimming cap is a legal requirement of Leominster Leisure Pool for school swimming lessons.


All children should have a simple PE kit bag, with their name on, to keep their PE clothing in.  Bags should be small as we don’t have the space to store large bags and when they are left lying in the cloakrooms they can cause a dangerous obstruction.


Jewellery and decoration


In the interest of safety we prohibit the wearing of jewellery, other than a watch.  In particular, children must not wear dangling earrings or necklaces to school. Simple studs only should be worn to preserve pierced ears. Children are not allowed to swim, take part in PE or games wearing jewellery or earrings and for health and safety reasons, school staff are not to take out, or put jewellery into piercings. On swimming, PE and games days, parents are respectfully asked to remove all keepers before school. 


Make-up and nail varnish are not permitted during school hours for boys or girls.  Hair accessories should be in keeping with school uniform and hairstyles natural and appropriate for school.