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Mrs Smith studied a B Ed in South Africa and taught in a Primary School for seven years. Whilst having her own toddlers, she ran a mums and tots group before relocating to the United Kingdom. After settling in the UK, she continued her studies by completing a PGCE and then began teaching in Kingsland CE Primary School. Mrs Smith leads science and has a keen interest in outdoor education and Eco Schools.


Mr Debenham teaches Year 2 pupils every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning in the school hall.  

Mrs Canning

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Mrs Canning.

I have been employed at Kingsland Primary School since March 2003. I began working as a relief School Assistant supporting an individual child as well as helping out voluntarily in the classroom and listening to children read. As I enjoyed working in school so much I decided to have a career change and train as a Teaching Assistant. I completed my level 2 & 3 TA qualification in school and at Hereford Tech College. I then achieved my HLTA qualifications whilst working in school and training in Hereford. During this time I have had the opportunity to be a Governor, First Aider, SEN Support Assistant and Art Club Co-ordinator whilst supporting children both in KS1 and KS2. I enjoy working in school very much and feel very privileged to be working with a fantastic school team.


Currently I work with Mr Powell in Class 3 and have been for the last 3 years. We work together to ensure we have a happy, cheerful and creative classroom full of children striving to reach their full potential with the help and support they need to grow in confidence and independence. My role within the classroom can vary a great deal as I support the whole class, small groups and individual children with all areas of the curriculum. This can be delivering interventions like the 1st class number 2 for Maths, Get spelling groups, guided reading groups and 1-1 support when needed for personalised learning.


Maths Fun !

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So much to learn about our world ...

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Enjoying great books ...

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