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Class 4

Miss Powis

Class 4 is a mixed-age Year 4 and Year 5 class, taught by Miss Powis and supported by Miss Williams. The main focus of each and every day is for children to try their utmost, put in their best effort and to challenge themselves. Children will accept that they will not always succeed, but have the courage to try again and be resilient in the face of failure in a safe and supportive environment. To make the curriculum fun and interesting, lessons are made stimulating and relevant and target pupil's personal needs for learning.



Miss Williams, the class Teaching Assistant , started her career as a pre-school leader after completing a diploma in Playgroup Practice. In 2001 she started working in Kingsland School specialising in literacy support and for the last nine years has been a Teaching Assistant supporting across the curriculum in upper KS2. After gaining her Higher Level Teaching Assistant status in 2009, she has been responsible for covering teaching time in the classroom, with particular strengths in ICT and art and design.

Geography: near and far