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Every child and pupil in our school belongs to a House.  The Houses are named after place of local historical interest:  Ambrey, Berrrington, Croft and Mortimer.  


For hard work or exemplary behaviour a child is awarded 1 house point.  


10 house points = 1 house token


The house tokens (wooden discs) are proudly placed into the 'contraption' and a certificate is awarded to children who have achieved a house token in Celebration Assembly each Friday.  


Other inter-house competitions (eg cross country, spelling bee) are opportunities for children to work in house teams to win tokens. 


An update of the house tokens that each house has is announced regularly.


At the end of each half-term, the house with the most house points has a special treat (eg bikes, trikes and skates on the playground).


At the end of each academic year the Austin House Award is presented to the House that has achieved the most house tokens that year. 




The Austin Family present the House trophy for the first time to BERRINGTON 2013-2014