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Kingsland CE Primary School PTA


Who are we?

The PTA is open to all the parents/guardians and teachers to try to enrich the children’s learning experiences. There is a ‘committee’, made up of parent volunteers, but it is an informal set-up - any parents/guardians can join.


What do we do?

We fundraise at various opportunities throughout the school year. This can include Christmas bingo, Easter bingo, discos, movie nights, after-school treat sales (such as hot chocolate or ice cream), summer fetes, paint-runner events, the list goes on!


What is the money raised used for?

The money we raise is used to help fund extras at school such as school trip transport to bring down the cost for parents, seasonal events, such as Maypole dancing and iSingPop concerts, and occasionally supplementing supplies of new books and equipment for school.


Why is the money needed?

As with all state-funded schools, the bulk of the running of the school is already covered by the school budget; however, in increasingly strained financial times, schools, like lots of other institutions and businesses, are feeling the pinch! The PTA are pleased to help ease the strain where we can, ensuring all the children continue to be offered a wide array of opportunities to socialise and have new experiences, both of which support their learning.


How can I help and support the PTA?

There are no expectations! You can offer as little or as much time as you can: wrapping some presents from Father Christmas … perhaps you’re a whizz in the kitchen and can whip up some cupcakes or flapjacks for a bake sale … or maybe you’re artistic and would like to do some set-painting for a school play … be host-with-the-most and sell some teas and coffees at bingo or sports day … Maybe you just have 10 minutes spare ahead of school pick up and are happy to pitch in with selling ice creams on the playground after school, or perhaps you’d like to help but your circumstances don’t give you much free time but you’re happy to take home some donated uniform to sort through at your convenience one weekend! No job is too big or too small – and you will never be pressured into doing more than you would like or are able to – it’s very much a group effort. If you’d like to get in involved in whatever capacity or if you have some ideas for new ways in which we can fundraise, you’d be most welcome to get in touch via the email address below. We look forward to meeting you soon!


Thank you.